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Jean Bousquet, who was the original designer for Cacharel, has been credited with bringing a sense of original French femininity back to life in his fashions. This desire to create designs that are soft and feminine yet luxurious and full of charm is emphasised by their fragrance collections. Experience the Cacharel world in their glourious collection of scents, each unique fragrance collection is joyous and personal, gentle, yet exuberant a celebration of a feminine life.

Calvin Klein

As with his fashion creations, Calvin Klein's perfumes are fashion conscious, simple and very modern expression of our times. Each Calvin Klein fragrance for men and women are timeless and very wearable. They are able to transcend the decades and still maintain an air of moderninty and a fresh approach to fragrance making.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera fragrances are simple and classic in their makeup, each proclaiming a self assured consciousness of femininity and masculinity that is timeless and enduring. Carolina Herrera has a highly hands-on approach to her fragrances with each one representing a period in her life or an experience that is dear to her heart, creating a brand that is unique and distinctive.


Founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff, Parfums Caron has a rich heritage of fragrance making and remains a true fragrance house in the historical sense. Caron uses rare floral extracts and exotic natural essences to create perfumes that are internationally recognised and leaders in the field of quality and originality. Encased in the most luxurious flacons, with delicate details such as grosgrain ribbon and gold braiding, the perfumes are truly luxurious, a treasure to wear, look at and behold. For the eau de toilette Caron classics, the bottles pay homage to the original 30's design, and are topped with gold plated caps.


For more than 150 years, Cartier has been a renowed and unstoppable creative force in the design and manufacture of exceptional jewelry, watches, accessories, and also fragrance. Each of his creations has been marked by an exuberant attention to detail and quality, mixed with imagination, craft, audacity, and inventiveness. Cartier's fragrances are a sincere extension of this commitment and continue to proclaim a unique and traditional excellence.


Carven have created a simple and stark range of perfumes and aftershaves that are traditional, fresh and emblematic. Each Carven fragrance is classical in its composition and maintains an air of sophistication and old fashioned sensuality.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a woman with a modern fairy tale. From the romance in her life to the emotions she evokes through her music, her story is a fantasy come true. A truly wonderful and successful fantasy that gives women the courage to follow their dreams and shape their personal destiny into a beautiful reality. Her collection of perfumes aims to empower women to embrace their feminity and sensuality and discover their talents.


Cerruti have made some of the finest and most understated perfumes for women. Their Cerruti 1881 is a stable of most women's perfume collection. Recently, they have relaunched their male range to include the modern and sophisticated Si, to their already popular 1881 for Men


Chanel have created some of the world's most famous and heart stopping fragrances for both men and women. Each Chanel fragrance is a coveted item, effortlessly styled but luxurious in feeling, with rich blends of the most beautiful fragrance notes. Each Chanel fragrance has been finely crafted and highly sensuous, creating an air of assured sexuality around the wearer. For a fragrance statement Chanel fragrances are a must have brand in your fragrance wardrobe.

Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass has been designing undergarnments since 1967, and is world renowned as an innovator in the world of lingerie. Her approach to Lingerie design is similar to her approach to fragrances, as each is refined and original, yet exquisitely crafted. Her fragrances are an extension of her claim to fame, as she is also known for introducing lingerie as an indispensable part of the contemporary woman's wardrobe inventing the style "Dessous Dessus" (Underwear used as Outerwear) and are meant to empower women in and out of the bedroom.

Charles Jourdan

Charles Jourdan is renown for being the first shoe designer to use fashion magazines to advertise shoes back in the nineteen thirties. His name is often spoken of in parallel with the photographer Guy Bourdin who created daring and explicit campaigns for Jourdan in the seventies. His fragrance collection aims to be similarilty innovative and daring, with rich blends of explosively sensual fragrance notes.


Chopard are an exquiste designer of some of the most expensive and luxurious jewellery possible. Chopard perfumes are heady concoctions of the finest fragrance blends and create a showstopping and beautiful aura that will entice and enthral. Each Chopard perfume is also a joy to look at and hold in finely cut glass bottles that are as exquisite and unique as their jewellery.

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix fragrances are exuberant and dramatic, while also being wearable and accessible. Each one should be worn with joy and spritzed with flamoyance as a true ode to this fashion forward designer. Each perfume takes a different part of Lacroix's lavish personality and develops it into a fine fragrance.

Cindy Crawford

Sexy and Glamorous like the woman herself, this perfume range from the original super model will ensure that your skin is always well dressed. Cindy Crawford perfumes are mean to be layered and provide a subtle veil across the skin. Effortless and classic Cindy Crawford perfumes are a subtle statement.


Clarins have created beautiful fragrances that are womanly and dynamic and express the Clarins ethos that beauty and sensuality should be effortless. Choose from Clarins Treatment Fragrances, such as Eau Dynamisante & Eau Ressourcante, and Clarins Fragrances for Women, such as Par Amour & Par Amour Toujours.


CLEAN Fragrance was launched in the US by Dlish Fragrance Inc. in April 2003. Randi Shinder, the founder, desired a fragrance that was reminiscent of pure soap, that universal fresh out of the shower scent. Unable to find such a fragrance, she developed her own.After wearing her own creation, CLEAN perfume captured the attention of friends and family and she knew she had something she could not keep to herself. She created the original CLEAN fragrance, and then CLEAN Sweet Layer, and the phenomenon continues.


Clinique Fragrances for Men and Women are a unique and fresh approach to fragrances. Each Clinique Perfume is wearable and aims to enhance your mood and take you to a happier and more relaxed place, away from the stresses and strains of modern existence.

Comme Des Garcons

Comme des Garcons was established in 1973 by Rei Kawakubo in Tokyo. Since her first Paris show in 1981, Comme des Garcons has become internationally recognized as one of the forerunners of fashion and design. Comme des Garcons' perfumes play an integral part in the expression of the sense of values of the company, as much as its clothes, furniture, shop designs, graphics, and images and each Comme Des Garcon fragrance is part of the brands ethos for forward thinkning fashion and fashion and scent to empower and enhance your wardrobe.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn are a company steeped in tradition and have been creating fragrances and body care products for many decades. With a traditional and fresh approach to fragrances and body care Crabtree and Evelyn use the best results in science and nature to bring the finest fresh scents and perfumes that are akin to a breath of fresh air at the seaside or a spring and summer day in a traditional English Country Garden.


The House of Creed was founded in London in 1760 by James Creed and is now run by family member Olivier Creed in Paris. Olivier proudly continues a family tradition of creating fragrances using the highest quality ingredients regardless of cost and has crafted some of the most fashion forward but also traditional fragrances of the past few years. Creed fragrances are a delight to own and a joy to wear, often lasting all day and night with a gentle but alluring aura.

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This is the extract or extrait of a fragrance and represents the scent in its purest form. This often creates a smooth and round texture, which is hard to achieve with the dilution represented in the other concentrations of fragrance.
Eau de Parfum or EDP is one of the most popular forms of fragrance. Eau de Parfum contains between seven to fourteen per cent of fragrance oils and perfume elixirs and is the second strongest, and longest lasting means of wearing a fine fragrance.
Eau de Toilette or EDT is fast becoming the most common means of wearing a fragrance or perfume. EDT’s are not as highly concentrated in oils and elixirs as an EDP or Perfume would be and contain one to three per cent of fragrance oils. This impacts the ability of the fragrance to last and around eighty percent of the oils in an EDT fragrance will evaporate within three hours of application.
Eau de Cologne’s or EDC’s were first popularised by Napoleon. These fragrances are often constructed in a different manner to the traditional French Model and are formulated in one single burst. As a result of this process, EDC’s or Eau de Colognes last the least amount of time on the skin and can dissolve within a couple of hours. EDC’s should be worn as a invigorating spray.

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