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Perfume Houses - Valentino, Van Cleef & Arpels, Vanderbilt, Vera Wang, Versace, Victoria Secret, Viktor & Rolf, Vivienne Westwood


Since the early sixties, Valentino has dressed the world's most beautiful and inspirational women. Resolutely forward-looking, Valentino brings his endlessly creative ideas, talent and energy to his fragrance collections, with truly stunning results. From the fragrance itself to the unique bottle designs, the Valentino concept epitomizes the perfect balance between modern sensuality, timeless sophistication, and irresistible romance.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Founded in 1906, Van Cleef & Arpels is world renowned for its exclusive, innovative jewelry designs. In 1976 Pierre Arpels dream of uniting the worlds of prestigious jewelry and fine fragrances became a reality with the introduction of the Parisian jewelers fragrances - First. Since the launch of this delicate and beautiful perfume Van Cleef and Arpels have gained a spectrum of perfume devotees, famous stars and royalty are committed to these gorgeous and luxurious scents and they still maintain an exclusive market across the world dedicated to the ideals and beauty of their fine perfumes and aftershaves.


As a leading designer, marketer and distributor of women's moderate stretch and twill jeanswear, Gloria Vanderbilt combines classic fits with feminine flair. Gloria Vanderbilt perfumes follow the same direction and are timeless classics that never seem to date. Consistantly evolving but always feminine and alluring Gloria Vanderbilt perfumes are a breath of sexual air to your senses.

Vera Wang

It has been said that Vera Wang is the only designer with the ability to capture the emotion of desire.Vera Wang has developed this name for herself due to her unique vision and talent. Vera Wang has become one of the most influential bridal designer's in the world. As pefume and aftershave is such as key part of being beautiful and groomed, it seemed natural that Vera Wang launched a beautiful fragrance range for men and women, to allow them that refined and emotive feeling from skin to cloth. Now, with the unveiling of her first fragrance, all women and men can share in Vera Wang's dream and fulfill their own.


The name Versace has become synonymous with the ultimate in fashion and cosmetic beauty. The Versace collection is natural and refined, chic and sporty, modern and feminine, sexy and glamorous. Versace perfumes and clothes are for those who want the best in fashion and beauty and are not willing to compromise.From the introduction of the Versace signature fragrance in 1981, each product bears the many symbols of the Versace lifestyle - luxury, glamour, and sensuality.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is an incredibly large and prosperous lingerie brand. It has gianed world renowned acclaim and has become one of the biggest names in lingerie fashion in the USA. Now Victoria's Secret have their own fragrance and perfume range to help you become feisty and sensual and express your inner supermodel and sex siren. Each Victoria's Secret perfume is extremely wearable and empowering, just what you need before a hot date!

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf, famous Dutch creators of ready to wear clothing present Flowerbomb, a new perfume for woman imaginated as a floral explosion contained in an orginal perfume bottle and bring for women a new perfume fragrance and bodycare product named Bomblicious.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood was the Queen of Punk Rock and her fashions have scandalized and fascinated the world since the Sixties. Parading models bare-breasted down the catwalks of Paris, posing pantiless outside Buckingham Palace-she has an insatiable appetite for anarchic outrageousness. She has never lost her power to shock, and her continued innovations make her one of the most talked about fashion designers in the world, her perfumes are equally as daring and dramtically different and are not for the shrinking violet as they exclaim sex and sensuality with just one spray.

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This is the extract or extrait of a fragrance and represents the scent in its purest form. This often creates a smooth and round texture, which is hard to achieve with the dilution represented in the other concentrations of fragrance.
Eau de Parfum or EDP is one of the most popular forms of fragrance. Eau de Parfum contains between seven to fourteen per cent of fragrance oils and perfume elixirs and is the second strongest, and longest lasting means of wearing a fine fragrance.
Eau de Toilette or EDT is fast becoming the most common means of wearing a fragrance or perfume. EDT’s are not as highly concentrated in oils and elixirs as an EDP or Perfume would be and contain one to three per cent of fragrance oils. This impacts the ability of the fragrance to last and around eighty percent of the oils in an EDT fragrance will evaporate within three hours of application.
Eau de Cologne’s or EDC’s were first popularised by Napoleon. These fragrances are often constructed in a different manner to the traditional French Model and are formulated in one single burst. As a result of this process, EDC’s or Eau de Colognes last the least amount of time on the skin and can dissolve within a couple of hours. EDC’s should be worn as a invigorating spray.

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